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Julia Richardson and Kathy Frazier: On-Location Makeup and Hair Design

Image of Julia Richardson and Kathy Frazier of Beauty on Location
Julia Richardson and Kathy Frazier brings Makeup and Hair to Brides and their wedding party on the day of the wedding! Photography by
  • Hair Designer, Kathy Frazier: 916-481-1903 / 916-348-9678
  • Julia Richardson, Makeup Stylist: 916-925-7434

Ten years ago Julia Richardson and Kathy Frazier formed a new wedding business, "Beauty On Location", that would service brides who wanted a more personalized way of having their hair and makeup done for their wedding day, rather than the traditional way of going to the salon.

This service makes it far simpler: "Beauty On Location" comes to the bride the day of her wedding and takes care of all the brides's hair and makeup needs as well as the wedding party.

"Our prices are competitive and often less" than other salon's would charge for the same service, sometimes as much as $100 less. Included are a trial makeup and hair session and location fee. Brides should bring pictures of hair and makeup styles they like for the trial session.

Julia(Makeup Artist) and Kathy(Hair Designer) met two years ago while working at the Sacramento Opera on a production. They had been hired to do makeup and hair for a leading principal for a Sacramento Bee photo promotion of the opera.

As a graduate of UCLA's Film School, Julia worked in Hollywood for ABC for several years as a cameraperson on "General Hospital" and the "AM Show" before relocating to Sacramento. Julia has fifteen years professional experience in television and series makeup, with credit's such as: MTV's "Sorority Life", filmed in Davis, as well as Bravo's "Inside The Actor's Studio" where she did Robin Williams, this year. Other credit's include: Access Hollywood's coverage of Arnold Schwarzeneggar's innaguration, McNeil Leher, Nightline, Extreme Makeover, Governor Willie Brown and more. Julia is now one of the two Makeup Designers for the Sacramento Opera.

Kathy Frazier has thirty years professional experience in all phases of hair design, coloring and styling. She studied at Nickelas and Jingles Academy in San Francisco. Kathy has worked for over 10 years as a stylist for televison, commercials, print and film,"The Wallace Story" (HBO), documentaries (KVIE), Music Circus and the Broadway Series in Sacramento. She was head hair mistress at the Sacramento Opera and has many years of experience as a stylist, colorist and special effects hairdresser for both international and national opera stars. Her expertise includes many styles of updo's, weaving, cutting and styling of both wigs and hair. Her expertise in wedding updo's is exceptional.

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