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Julia Richardson

Makeup Artist

Male-to-Female Transformation Makeup

Image of a bride with male-to-female transformation makeup techniques applied.
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In order to both teach and accomplish through makeup artistry male to female transformations the following must be learned and practiced. It does take a little time, but if you have a few basics to start with it really helps.. If not, I can teach it all to you.

  1. You need to change the bone structure appearance of your face to a more feminine look. This is accomplished through understanding the principals of highlighting and contouring… In other words, where both should go.
  2. You need the correct type of foundation, and this is not department or drug store foundation. I use a particular one that has proven itself for me in all of my work for nearly 19 years to be very effective and cost efficient and comes in close to 66 shades.
  3. Concealer vs. Color Corrector: These are two completely different things. Most people think you just use a "concealer" under your eyes. That is not really accurate. You need to know what color you want to conceal and then use a color corrector. Sound complicated? It's not. You just need to be taught how to use it and how to know which one to use.
  4. Shadows, blushes, lipsticks: In today's world, less is better, and it is all about application techniques. So having the right brushes are KEY. I can order a Pro set of brushes as well.
  5. Beard cover: an absolute must!
  6. Antishine and Sealer, absolutely necessary.. There are many brands, but some work better than others.

If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation/class please contact me.

If you would like references I can provide those as well as I do the "Sparkle" event for the GEMS ( here in Sacramento every year and if you can get to Sacramento I suggest you come!